The Ingredients

A Carefully Crafted Snack

Bite-sized house made pretzels, family secret batch caramel, and sustainably sourced cocoa are just a few of the reasons our hand-crafted candy shop snacks are remarcable anytime, anywhere.

Quality Ingredients

We use the highest quality ingredients to create a remarcable experience with the perfect balance of crunchy, salty, and sweet.

Three cubes of caramel.

One-of-a-Kind Pretzels

That’s right. You won’t find our pretzels in stores. Made just for us in our home state of Pennsylvania, these mini pretzels give Snappers® their iconic crunch.

A handful of pretzels.

Four Generations of Caramel Makers

Our caramel family recipe has been handed down through four generations of caramel makers. Cooking in copper kettles gives each Snapper® a warm homemade taste.

Choosing Our Chocolate Carefully

Our chocolate is a careful blend of sustainably sourced cocoa, ensuring it is the highest quality available while giving back to Women's Agro Forestry.


You asked. We answered.

Here’s a handful of our frequently asked questions.

A decorative swirl of dark chocolate, coconuts, and almonds.

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Can you taste it? You’re one step closer to our family’s remarcable chocolate snacks!

A coconut filled with chocolate.